Projects 2011


Hook-up and start-up of the new mobile concrete plant B15-1200 in Novaya Kahovka, Ukraine



Delivery of mobile concrete plant B 15-1200 to Ukraine, Novaya Kohovka 


Plant C 15-1200 was delivered to north of Sweden.


The project of delivery mobile plant to Finland.


The project of delivery semimobile plant C2200 to Sweden north, Umea, is ended. The customer is a company Anundsjo Byggnads AB. It was a special project with a concrete plant for using in enclosed space in compliance with the  Swedish standards. 


3 concrete plants are rented out in Scandinavia.

February 2011 - Signing of the contract about the delivery of winter stationary concrete plant EUROMECC to Finland, company Betoni center

January 2011 - Signing of the second contract with company from Venezuela about delivery of extra 8 vibrotables.

December 2010-January 2011 - The delivery of concrete plant Fibo intercon F2200, to the company Sakvojazh, Byelorussia.