Delivery and financing


The company Scandinavian & UK Machines implement production, delivery and hook-up and start-up works on all complex of the purchased equipment.

At the request of the customer and with access to the delivery address, we are able to calculate shipping costs using different types of transport in order to determine the optimal price for the customer.


Delivery can be carried out by eurotrucks or in 40 foot containers.

Depending on the location of the Client, we select the the optimal variant of delivery.

The most acceptable models of concrete plants for the optimization and saving money on shipping are: mobile concrete batching plants SUMAB K-40, SUMAB K-60, and stationary concrete plants SUMAB T-40, SUMAB T-60, which are designed for quick installation and compact delivery.

The calculations for the delivery of block producing lines depend on a complete set being declared in the client's technical project.

Scandinavian & UK Machines offers the following options for the supply of equipment:

  1. Supply agreement.
  2. Delivery via leasing.
  3. Delivery through the letter of credit.
  4. Delivery with a bank guarantee.

To begin the negotiations and for the consideration of the financing of delivery (through leasing, letter of credit and a bank guarantee), the client is asked to provide a complete set of documents (the balance of payments for the previous year, the name of the bank, the bank manager's contact number and registration documents).


We offer consulting services in Sweden and on-site.
- In the business organization of production of building materials, "turnkey".
- A business plan for the bank in the production of ready-mixed concrete, manufacturing floor slabs, wall panels and Fibo blocks.
- The organisation of work from stage 0, meaning the establishment and running of the company (for the production of concrete and the manufacturing of building materials).
- The production of technical documentation for installation works, building materials production lines.
- The education of staff in order to prep them for working with our equipment.
- Training the promotion of equipment, production lines and factories of industrial applications.
- Assistance in the establishment and training of the sales department.
- Training and assistance in the promotion of your products in the European Union, Scandinavia, Africa, and the Middle East.
- Assistance in the launching of a company in Scandinavia.