Wire mesh welding equipment

Scandinavian & UK Machines presents a New product: Wire mesh welding machines type SUMAB W.

With wire mesh welding machines the following products can be produced: welded mesh for concrete, welded mesh for fence 3D, welded mesh for gabion, welded mesh for block concrete, welded mesh for leveling floors.

We can  offer semi-automatic or full automatic models of these machines.

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Finished product from welding machines:


Welded mesh for concrete     Welded mesh                  Welded mesh                Welded mesh   (construction)                       for fence                         for cage                        for gabion      



Reinforcement wire mesh welding machine SUMAB W-2300

Machine is used for production of reinforcement wire mesh. Machine working with pre-cut long and cross wire.  Machine is driven by digital servo motor, also machine have feeding unit for adding long wire.

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