Stationary concrete block making machine Sumab R-400


Full automatic block and paving producing machine Sumab R-400 is a model in which  applied all the present and latest technologies of vibropressing. 

With stationary machine Sumab R-400 following concrete products are produced on efficient way: hollow blocks, insulated blocks, paving stones, curbstones and other.

Technical data:

Max product height:                                                330 mm
Min product height:                                                 40 mm
Machine weight with face mix equipment an mould:    6500 kg  
Installed electrical power:                                        23 kW
Main concrete hopper capacity:                                 900 l
Face concrete hopper capacity:                                 900 l
Production capacity in 8h / 100%:
Hollow block:             6 912 pieces (20x20x40 cm)
Paving stone:            550-640 m2 (10x20x6 cm)

If You choose the full automatic block machine, You will receive an Internet modem as a gift!



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