Servo cuber with hydraulic clamps


It is used for cubing of single layers of products from production pallet to block cubes on euro pallets or directly to slat conveyor.

  • All drives are executed as servo drives.
  • High accuracy of positioning by integrated measuring of travel distance.
  • Travel sped with soft adjusting, including ramp functions for soft starting and braking  down.
  • Fast acceleration by high dynamic of the drives.


Technical data

Mechanical data

Lifting capacity                                                    500 kg
Max cube height including transport euro pallet      1500 mm
Travel distance standard                                      2500 - 3000 mm

Electrical equipment data
Trolley drive power     5,5 kW
Lifting drive power     11 kW
Turning drive power     2,2 kW

Hydraulic equipment data
Installed electric power    7,5 kW
Oil tank capacity            240 l


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