Participation of SUMAB at the exhibition



Our company took part in the event "Business Days in Gomel". In 2017, more than 150 representatives of business circles, CCIs from 12 countries of the world participated in the event, including Russia, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, Vietnam, Croatia, Latvia and Slovenia. Representatives of Vietnamese, Israeli, Iranian, Polish, Mexican business circles already expressed their interest. Traditionally, the event will be attended by the leadership of the region and the city and other officials.

The main themes of "Business Days in Gomel" this year were: "Modern technologies for improving competitiveness: new models, forms of management, effective sales", "Infrastructure and industrial projects of the Economic belt of the Silk Road for regional development", "Interrelation of regional brands for investment attractiveness of territories. Hospitality Industry "and" Economic, legal and social aspects. From idea to successful business project ".