Mould frames/shutters


Framing systems are constructed on a modular basis. The outer frames on the molding tables can be placed one on top of the other as the thickness of the element requires. This means smaller profiles and thus easier handling during setting up. Separators between individual elements can be placed end to end for various element heights.

Aluminium framing profiles. Aluminium framing profiles were developed for use as separators between the individual elements and are particularly suitable for lightweight concrete. The biggest profile weighs only approx. 7,5 kg per meter, meaning easy handling and a good working environment for installers. Aluminium framing profiles are available for element thicknesses of 10, 12, 15, 17.5, 20 and 24 cm. The profiles are all 3 mm less than nominal element dimensions. Available in desired length up to max. 6 meters. Aluminium frames are shown in use here as both separators and top frames.

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