Concrete spreaders


Lightweight concrete spreader. Spreader machine designed for lightweight concrete. The concrete is dispensed with a rubber-coated roller which offers step less adjustment according to the quantity of concrete required. The container is equipped with several gates which can be closed at openings in the elements, i.e., at doors and windows etc. The machine has a height-adjustable scraper for leveling the concrete before compressing. The machine is available with a range of extra equipment such as concrete distributing device in the container, adjustable gate openings, and computerized control, which controls the machine settings in relation to the selected concrete type and element thickness. Spreaders for normal concrete. Spreaders for normal concrete are available with rubber belt extraction or bottom gate in the container. The container can be rotated 360º and it can also be moved transversely to cover the full moulding area. The machine with bottom gate has a scraper at the outlet, and the container can be raised/lowered to dispense concrete at a particular thickness. The machine is available in several sizes and with a range of extra equipment.

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