SPECIAL PROMOTION! Vibropress SUMAB R-400 at a special price with 10% discount!



 Vibropress SUMAB R-400 at a special price with 10% discount!

 Dear Colleagues and Partners SUMAB!

The Swedish company SUMAB informs you about the conduct of a special promotion on stationary vibropress SUMAB R-400

 Vibropress SUMAB R-400 is designed for all types of concrete products such as paving slabs, blocks (hollow, insulation, etc..), Curbs, paving stones, elements for chimneys and others.

 Block machine Sumab R-400 is designed with the latest technologies vibrocompression! The basic version contains a complete set of all the components that are necessary for the production of quality concrete products. And is an economical solution for the production of various types of concrete products.

Duration of action until August 31, 2017.


The main technical parameters vibropress SUMAB R-400

  •  Performance blocks, for 8 hours.
  • Hollow blocks: 6912 pcs. (20h20h40 cm)
  • Cobblestones: 550-640 m2 (10h20h6 cm)
  • Performance borders, for 1 h .: 200-250 pcs. / Hr


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     Examples of concrete products manufactured using vibropress SUMAB R-400


тротуарная плитка. завод  R-400 

пример бетонных блоков R 400

Allocation scheme vibropress SUMAB R-400 on the jobsite

Схема размещения вибропресса SUMAB R-400 на рабочей площадке