Stationary concrete plant SUMAB T-15. Economy Class


Budget solution for concrete production:
Stationary concrete plant SUMAB T-15. ECONOMY CLASS
Capacity 15 m3, per hour.
Main data:
• Turbine type concrete mixer 330 liters of output of fresh vibrated inserted concrete;
• Construction type: in line hoppers 8 m3each;
• Coming construction for support;
• Height of overhang [exhaust] 2,5 m (or more by request);
• Nominal production of capacity of 15 m3/h of fresh vibrated inserted transporting concrete in continuous work (based on 60 sec continous cycles);
• 3 types of aggregates;
• Weight dosing of cement, aggregates and liquid additives;
• Volumetric dosing of water;
Control by manual and automatic [computer Siemens] with 100 different programs [different concrete mixtures];

The produced concrete has high quality indicators, and the plant pays off itself fairly quickly.
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