Stationary concrete block production lines

Stationary block production lines SUMAB are high quality equipment for curbs, pavers, blocks, insulation blocks of high quality, certified in Europe.

At the heart of the concrete block production plants Sumab are the components from leading manufacturers in Europe (vibration system Knauer - Germany, Hydraulic System - Germany, etc.).
Configuration flexibility, and the large number of components and assemblies allows to make a block line  modular (like Lego).

Elasting pricing policy allows the production of a variety of models, ranging from very simple ones that use manual labour, to high-quality, computer-controlled production lines.

Concrete block production lines Sumab allow to produce all kinds of blocks, including insulating. To further acquaint yourselves with the production of insulating blocks, you may watch the video presentation here:
SUMAB-U 1000 working 25 cm hollow block thin wall.


Full set of Spare parts is free!

In the VIDEO section, you can familiarise yourselves with more SUMAB block lines and equipment.



Stationary concrete block making machine SUMAB R-1500

With a stationary machine SUMAB R-1500 You can produce the following products:

Empty blocks, curbstones, paving stone, stone tile.

CAPACITY - 1500 m2 of pavers per shift.

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Servo cuber with hydraulic clamps

It is used for cubing of single layers of products from production pallet to block cubes on euro pallets or directly to slat conveyor.

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