Movable concrete block making machine SUMAB E-6


Concrete block making machine SUMAB E-6 is egg layer type machine, (that strips blocks on floor) used for manufacturing of:
• Hollow blocks
• Solid blocks
• Chimney blocks
• Hourdy blocks
• Curbstones.


Technical data:
• Operation mode - semiautomatic
• Max block height 350 mm
• Min block height 170 mm
• Mould production area max 1250x500 mm
• Concrete hopper volume 700 l
• Machine weight 3.500 kg
• Consumption of electricity 10kW
• Voltage supply 3x400V, 50 Hz (different values on request)
• Control voltage 24V DC + 230 V AC
• Production capacity 500-600 blocks/hour (20x20x40 cm hollow block)


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